Most exit polls give victory to Nitish Kumar-led Grand Alliance in Bihar elections


The results of exit polls Exit polls for Bihar elections have given lead to Nitish Kumar-led alliance.

India TV-CVoter gave close to 132 seats in 243 -seat Bihar assembly meaning that JDU-led alliance will form the government with absolute majority if these results are correct.

India Today-Cicero exit poll predicted hung assembly with BJP-led alliance expected to win between 113-127 seats and JDU-led alliance between 111-123.

News Nation channel too gave absolute majority to the Nitish Kumar led Grand Alliance. According to its predictions, the JDU led alliance was expected to win close to 124 seats while the BJP-led NDA was given 119 seats.

NewsX channel too said that the BJP and its allies are set to lose the battle for the Bihar assembly, winning only 95 of the 243 seats, a NewsX exit poll said on Thursday.

It said the BJP and its three allies would secure 90-100 seats while the Grand Alliance led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will win 130-140 seats.

ABP News’ exit poll also gave absolute majority to the JDU alliance giving it 130 seats. The BJP, according to its exit poll, will get 108 seats.