Modi’s ministers’ Good Friday gaffe: “We forgive you Modiji, for you didn’t know what some of your colleagues were doing”


(A letter from a God-fearing Christian from Kerala to Prime Minister Narendra Modi)


Greetings from an unapologetic Christian from Central Kerala. The Centre of God’s Own Country(GOC).

These days the main worry in our GOC is the price of natural rubber. Its like a fallen angel whose fall is complete. The upward elasticity of our life is kind of over for the time being. But we live in hope. That’s what Christ the Saviour asked us to do. Not about the price of rubber. But to be hopeful about his second coming. The day when he will come and save us all – even from his own country of UDF and LDF!

When you announced Ache Din, (not the din as in bills not to be passed in din), the hopes of every christian doubled. Means he/she was promised heaven after death by Christ and here heaven is promised while on earth. A Sri Sri moment!

The week before the passion week, Venkaiaji’s apostolic exhortation came: Modiji is God’s gift to India; Messaiah of the poor!
So, we in GOC are more privileged: we are in GOC and under the rule of God’s own gift.

Glory to god! Hallelujah!

(The Scripture says, “See what love the Father has lavished on us in letting us be called God’s children” – 1 John 3:1)

I am a passionate Christian living a life full of hope and beef.

Last more than one and a half months were days of lent. As in the past, I was preparing myself for the Holy Week. Ideally speaking, lent means, no meat (no beef in the wildest of dreams) , no fish, no eggs (even outside Madhya Pradesh), no sex , no liquor (when in GOC, even in five star hotels), no luxury and no gossips. Pray! Pray! Pray!

Pray thinking about the torture and pangs suffered by Christ on and before the way of the cross. We believe he died on the cross for us. To redeem us from our sins – our means the dead, living and to be born. So, Good Friday is a day of mourning. A day when we think about Christ the Crucified, we thank him; we normally avoid all the meals – so that we can be one with Christ in suffering in body and soul.

I should confess, even on good friday, the day of fasting and penance, I couldn’t resist the temptation to open the social media sites.Such is the power of the medium you and your colleagues use (and many times, err) that even when meditating on Christ people like me like to have a glance over our twitter and facebook accounts.

Forgive me god, for they dont not know what they are doing!

We forgive you Modiji, for you didn’t know what some of your colleagues were doing.

For your reference: A few of the tweets:

Wishing all my friends a Happy Good Friday – Suresh P Prabhu

May you be blessed with goodness and prosperity. Happy Good Friday – Dr Mahesh Sharma

Warm greetings on good friday to all of you! May god bless you all – Najma Heptullah

‘ otherwise we could have added a wish for passing the Goods and Services Tax Bill also!
The long and short of Ache Din is that everyday is a celebration. So, please, lets for Christ’s sake, forgive them all.

The day of celebration and joy is Easter. The day when Christ resurrected from the dead. It happened the third day after Good Friday. Modiji, Pope John Paul II spoke about crossing the threshold of hope. We in India are nearing the third year of hoping to cross the threshold of Achhe Din.
Let there be Achhe Din, at least of having leaders who understand the cultural diversities (and their meanings) of India that is Bharat.

Yours in Christ in GOC

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