More controversy after Modi’s reported university document shows him a year older than his official age


While the Gujarat University and Delhi University have yet to officially hand over the copies of educational degrees of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, a newspaper has claimed to have obtained the information on the former’s performance in his Masters exam.

EXCLUSIVE: Gujarat University rejects RTI request on PM Modi’s Masters degree

According to the Times of India, Modi was an external student and completed his Masters in political science with a score of 62.3 per cent in 1983. His subjects in the two-year course included European Politics, Indian Political Analysis and Psychology of Politics. The university, however, has no information about the prime minister’s graduation.

EXCLUSIVE: Appeal authority too declines RTI application on PM Modi’s degrees

The paper has also reproduced what it said was an official university document related to Modi’s educational qualification.

The college, according to the newspaper, has no records of how Modi fared beyond the fact that he passed pre-science, which is a one-year course equivalent to class XII. Interestingly, while Modi was studying for his pre-science, his close political associate and Chief Minister of Gujarat Anandiben Patel was a second year MSc student of Inorganic Chemistry in the same college. In fact, they shared the same roll number — 71.

EXCLUSIVE: Another RTI on PM Modi’s educational qualification rejected

However, the latest revelation, allegedly being leaked by the university, which sofar vehemently refused to furnish any details about Modi’s degrees up until now, has posed many questions.

The most glaring anomaly, from the document above, appears to be in the prime minister’s date of birth.

Modi’s official date of birth on his official website  is 17 September 1950. But, his date of birth, according to the document carried by the newspaper, has been stated as 29 August 1949.

Activists in Ahmedabad, who have been relentlessly pursuing information on PM Modi’s educational qualification, suspect manipulation here.

Roshan Shah, an RTI activist, said, “GU (Gujarat University) fabricates Modi’s records ( and leaves doubts).. The paper from which picture is taken from is so white and seems to be recreated! After nearly 30+ years, the paper will have a yellow tint. Things can be fabricated easily and Gujarat has taken the lead. Delhi will follow.
(Ahmedabad) Mirror article has record showing his roll number and date of birth. Now Modi’s date of birth is September 17, 1950 – but Mirror record shows 29.08.49. So another controversy now on his Date of Birth! Dasharathlal Pankhi knows of Modi’s classmate who said he left school in Grade 8.”

Another user on Facebook, Pankaj Jain, said, “Good education reform. MA without BA plus in one interview our PM forgot he did this, he said he is only 10th pass, will share the video.”

He posted the following video of Modi’s old interview, where he said he had left education after completing school.

Modi is embroiled in controversy over his education after several attempts by to obtain the prime minister’s degrees resulted in repeated rejections by the concerned authorities.

It was only after the Election Commission, the Prime Minister’s Office, Gujarat University and the Delhi University all rejected the RTI requests, Kejriwal personally wrote to the CIC asking for the same.

The CIC, which treated Kejriwal’s letter as an RTI request, directed Gujarat and Delhi universities on Friday to make available Modi’s degrees to the Delhi chief minister.

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