Modi thinks whatever he says is law, TDP MP blames PM’s arrogance for split


TDP MP Diwakar Reddy on Wednesday launched a tirade against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his finance minister, Arun Jaitley, accusing both of being arrogant, which according to him was responsible for the TDP’s exit from the central government.

Reddy said that PM Modi was beginning to believe that he had become a law unto himself since ‘he became very powerful.’ “Definitely (Modi’s) ego is there. That’s why so many things are happening. He became very powerful man. That’s why he thinks whatever he says will be a law. That will be the order,” Reddy was quoted by Times Now.

This was after the TDP on Wednesday night decided to pull out of the Centre’s NDA government. With this decision, the TDP became the second party after Shiv Sena to part ways with the BJP-led alliance.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister took to Twitter to say that he had tried to reach out to Prime Minister Narendra Modi but the latter was unavailable. He wrote, “I tried reaching out to the Prime Minister to inform him about our decision. But sadly, he was unavailable.” His another tweet said that he was not angry with anyone but his party had no option but to leave the government to benefit the ‘people of Andhra Pradesh.’ He wrote, “I am not angry with anyone. This decision has been taken only to benefit the people of Andhra Pradesh.”

The TDP has been demanding special status for Andhra Pradesh claiming that the BJP had agreed to do so as part of the pre-poll agreement. The Centre’s Modi government had refused to accede to the TDP’s demands.

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