Modi faces biggest revolt since becoming PM after Advani, Joshi and Sinha launch scathing atttack


Narendra Modi is facing the biggest ever revolt against his leadership since becoming the prime minister around 18 months ago.

Three of party’s tallest leaders have now come together to demand accountability for the humiliating defeat in Bihar in the just concluded assembly elections.

LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi and Yashwant Sinha wrote a joint letter demanding to fix the accountability.

Members of the famous Margdarshak Mandal (Group of elders), the three leaders wrote quite a scathing letter to the party’s leadership.

The letter said, “The results of the Bihar elections show that no lesson has been learnt from the fiasco in Delhi. To say that everyone is responsible for the defeat in Bihar is to ensure that no one is held responsible. It shows that those who would have appropriated credit if the party had won are bent on shrugging off responsibility for the disastrous showing in Bihar.”

This, according to many analysts is directed towards Narendra Modi and the BJP chief Amit Shah, who are responsible calling the shots in the government and the party.

The letter further made a serious indictment holding the current leadership for the mess in the party.

It said, “‎The principal reason for the latest defeat is the way the Party has been emasculated in the last year. The consensual character of the party has been destroyed because the party is being forced to kow-tow to a handful.”

Soon after the BJP’s parliamentary board meeting in Delhi, Jaitley said, ” Grand Alliance’s unity is the reason for our loss. We underestimated their combined strength. In terms of voteshare, we are still the single largest party with 24.6 percent of the electorates casting their votes in our favour. However, the combined voteshare of our opponents was miscalculated by us.”

The party said that the responsibility for the loss had to be shared collectively after criticism began to be leveled thick and fast against Shah and Modi, both of who were deemed responsible for turning the shift of the campaign in a negative direction.

Modi’s own MP from Begusarai, Bhola Singh, on Tuesday had blamed Modi’s ‘unparliamentary language’ for the party’s defeat in Bihar.

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