BJP leader tries to allay fears on ”Beef ban” in Meghalaya

A senior BJP leader of Garo Hills area today tried to allay fears over ban of beef in the state, claiming that the party will never impose such a ban in Meghalaya.

“In Meghalaya most of the BJP leaders eat beef. The question of banning beef does not arise in a state like Meghalaya especially in Garo Hills. BJP leaders in Meghalaya are well aware of the historical background and the constitutional provisions over the Hill areas for which beef ban will remain un-imposed in Meghalaya,” said the BJP Tura district president, Bernard N Marak in a release today.

The BJP leader added that if the BJP came to power in the state next year, its motive would not be a beef ban but the regulation of rates and slaughter houses to allow for an ease in meat consumption.

“In Garo Hills, beef is an expensive meat which cannot be availed by all. The (state) government failed to regularise uniformity in rates of meats which is harassment to the people. The meat is also slaughtered without proper certification from veterinary doctors leaving people exposed to unhygienic edibles and sometimes chemical substances,” added the BJP leader.

“Meghalaya does not have proper slaughter houses to check the meat sold at the market places. Sometimes even deceased animals are also sold along with the fresh ones.

These are failures of the government which needs to be checked and properly regulated. BJP will do everything that Congress government has failed in its time by establishing slaughter houses, checking meats, regulating high rates of meats and reducing it to a reasonable price,” stated Bernard.

“We stand on the hills of three sisters (Garo, Khasi and Jaintia) which are constitutionally autonomous. These three sisters will decide what to ban and not to ban in their own land. Centre cannot dictate dos and don ts in the scheduled areas as these areas do not fall under the Regular Regulations,” said Bernard.

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