Now get help in medical emergency even before ambulance


A new mobile app which claims to provide help even before the ambulance arrives to give the ‘basic life support’ to a patient was launched today.


The ‘Aster Emergency’ app, launched by Aster DM Healthcare, envisions a leap in emergency care by combining health and technology and offers real-time interface between the patient in emergency and a GPS-enabled Aster ‘responder’.

The objective is to provide help even before the ambulance arrives to give the basic life support (BLS).

The first hour after an incident is called the “Golden Hour” which is the most critical time when an intervention will give best results.

Launched by Padma Shri Dr Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Aster MD Healthcare, the app navigates one to get access to basic life support help, in case of a medical emergency.

It will act as a link between the patient, the responder, the ambulance and ultimately the hospital.

At the press of an icon, the trained certified responder, who can deal with emergencies at the ground level can be accessed by support of the backend control centre.

The app is also equipped with information on handling some medical emergencies, emergency numbers and other useful tips.

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