Mayawati accuses Congress of ‘deceit’ after all six MLAs leave BSP to join ruling party, Ashok Gehlot has this to say


BSP supremo Mayawati on Tuesday accused the Congress of being ‘unreliable’ and ‘deceitful’ after six MLAs belonging to her party joined the Congress on Monday. In a series of tweets, Mayawati said that the Congress has betrayed the interests of the ‘BSP movement.’ Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot rejected her charges and said that her angry reaction was ‘expected’.

Mayawati wrote, “The Congress in Rajasthan has once again proven to be an unreliable and deceitful party by breaking BSP MLAs. This is also a betrayal of the BSP movement and has been caused at a time when the BSP was supporting the Congress government without any condition.”

Mayawati also alleged that the Congress often hurt the interests of those parties that supported it instead of fighting its traditional rivals. She also accused the Congress of being an anti-SC/ST/OBC party.

Gehlot rejected her allegations and said that her reaction was expected. He told reporters, “Such a reaction from her is expected. MLAs considered the situation in state & feelings of the people, that is why they joined us, we did not put any pressure on them.”

In a dramatic development, all six BSP MLAs in Rajasthan had joined the ruling Congress. These MLAs are Rajendra Singh Gudha, Jogendra Singh Awana, Wajib Ali, Lakhan Singh Meena, Sandeep Yadav and Deepchand.

In the last year’s assembly elections, the Congress has emerged as the single largest political party with 100 legislators. In the 200-seat Rajasthan assembly, the BJP has won 75 seats. The Congress had formed the government with the help of one MLA from its ally, the RLD.

The BJP’s tally was further reduced to 73 after two of its MLAs were elected to the parliament in this year’s Lok Sabha elections.

With all six BSP MLAs joining the Congress, the ruling party’s strength has now risen to 106, five more than the required majority.

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