Mats for International Yoga Day have been imported from China: ministry


Mats to be used by more than 37000 yoga enthusiasts on International Yoga Day have been made in China.

Indian Express quoted an official from the ministry of AYUSH, the organiser of Sunday’s event, assaying that the mats were made in China.

The official said, ““These are Chinese-made mats. The procurement was rushed because everything was last-minute. In fact, containers of mats from China, which were headed to dealers and sub-dealers here, were diverted to the warehouse for use on yoga day.”

Government of India had awarded contract to a Delhi-based event management company Concept Private Limited to provide materials for international yoga day only three weeks ago.

The company’s managing director Dilpreet Oberoi said, “Mats were crucial because GWR conditions require every participant to perform on his or her own mat. It was all last-minute — tenders were finalised only about 20 days ago and we went all over the country to all importers, dealers and manufacturers to buy their entire stock. Some mats were manufactured in India, but most are from China.”

After getting elected as India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi has tried to push his pet ‘Make in India’ campaign. It was him who in his maiden visit the UN had spoken about the need to celebrate International Yoga Day.

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