Live updates on police ‘excesses’ against opposition leaders in Delhi

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday attacked the central government after reports emerged that the Delhi Police had detained his deputy, Manish Sisodia, and MLA Commando Surinder.

Kejriwal tweeted, “Manish Sisodia detained? He had gone to meet family of deceased Ram Kishan ji. He is elected Dy CM. Whats wrong wid u Modiji? So insecure?”

In his next tweet, Kejriwal asked if it was wrong for an elected deputy chief minister to visit the family of deceased soldier in his own state.

He wrote, “Should a deputy chief minister be arrested if he meets a family to condole a death. This is the height of goondaism.”

A little later, Delhi Police personnel, who report to the Centre’s BJP government also stopped Congress’ vice president, Rahul Gandhi from entering the RML hospital in the capital.

Gandhi was on his way to meet the family of the dead soldier, who committed suicide while protesting against the Modi government on One Rank One Pension.

Earlier on Wednesday, Kejriwal had alleged that the Prime Minister was “lying” that the One Rank One Pension (OROP) scheme was being implemented by the Centre, contending that ex-serviceman, Ram Kishan Grewal, would not have committed suicide if the scheme was being executed by the Centre.

“Both farmers and soldiers are committing suicide in Modi Raj. That means the Prime Minister is lying that OROP has been implemented. Why would Ram Kishan ji have committed suicide if OROP was being implemented?” Kejriwal said on Twitter.

The AAP leader also rued that it was “very sad” to see that soldiers have to fight against external enemy along border and “within” for their rights.

The whole nation should stand up for their rights, he urged.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that Kejriwal will the attend the cremation of Grewal later in the day.

70-year-old Grewal allegedly committed suicide by consuming poison over the issue of OROP here yesterday, police said.

Police said he along with some other ex-servicemen was in the process of submitting a memorandum to the Defence Ministry over the issue of OROP.

According to his friends, Grewal had been upset over the issue for sometime.

Ex-servicemen have been protesting over the OROP scheme introduced by the government.

Live updates:

8.38 PM: Government should at least apologize to the family of the deceased ex-serviceman for making them suffer: RahulGandhi after being released

8.27 PM: Omar Abdullah calls police excesses huge self goal by Modi government. tweets, “A meeting between RG or the Delhi CM with the deceased veteran’s family would have been a one news cycle story. Huge self goal by NDA Govt.”

8.25 PM: Rahul Gandhi released after being detained for the second time in the day

8.17 PM: Vishal Dadlani tweets, “Bizarre news from Delhi. CM/Dy.CM detained? Mad, but not surprising. But, detaining the family of the deceased? A SOLDIER!? That’s MENTAL!”

8.12 PM: Mamata Banerjee tweets, “What is happening ? Unprecedented . A CM is detained in his own State. He cannot move about freely. Unacceptable

8.10 PM: Rahul Gandhi & Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia & other Cong leaders inside Tilak Marg police station, Delhi.

8.07 PM: CM Arvind Kejriwal taken to RK Puram police station after detained by Delhi police.

8.00 PM: AAP’s Satyender Jain tweets, “Gopal Rai is also detained Arvind Kejriwal. Police is taking them to undisclosed place”

7.59 PM: Meanwhile PM Modi says, “no leader can afford to repeat the dark days of emergency in India, now or in the future.”

7.52 PM: AAP’s Preeti Sharma Menon tweets, “The Supreme Court must take suo moto cognisance of the crazy emergency forced on Delhi.”

7.46 PM: Congress’ Pawan Khera tweets, “Relatives of #SubedarGrewal were not allowed 2 meet @OfficeOfRG.They were beaten up/arrested. Congress Leaders detained. Why #Dictator_Modi?”

7.44 PM: Anna Hazare slams Modi government for misleading nation on OROP

7.42 PM: Kejriwal, who was kept in police’s detention for several hours tweets, “Formally detained by the police. No idea where they are taking me.”



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  1. This Modi police is acting like there is a emergency in country… Shame on Delhi police n Modi Govt… India must stand United against suppression of central Govt before the situation becomes out of control…
    Why other national parties are silent?


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