Mamata threatens to demonstrate outside PM’s residence


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today threatened to demonstrate outside Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence against demonetisation, vowing to dislodge him from the seat of power if the scrapping of high value currency notes is not withdrawn.

“The entire country is suffering. There is no money in banks, ATMS. So far 80 people have died due to the hardships caused by demonetisation. But Narendra Modi is having a sound sleep and giving lectures on taking the country towards cashless economy,” she told a rally here.

“Most of the people in rural areas do not have bank accounts. How will they cope up with this situation?” Banerjee said after her protest march from College Square to Esplanade.

Continuing her tirade against Modi, Banerjee said she would fight till the end against the “anti-people” decision which has imposed an “undeclared financial emergency” in the country.

“I will not stop until and unless this decision is rolled back. I had also given solutions on how to cope with this situation. But they (Centre) did not accept it.

“Whoever opposes him, he will send CBI, ED, Income Tax after them to muzzle their voices. But he can’t muzzle my voice. I will again go to Delhi and raise my voice, take out protest march and if needed I will demonstrate in front of Modi’s house…I will not stop until and unless he is out of power,” Banerjee said.

The TMC supremo along with Trinamool Congress leaders and activists led a massive rally in the heart of Kolkata.

She lauded intellectuals for playing a vital role in protesting against the “anti-people” decision.

Banerjee herself raised slogans like “Modi sarkar hai hai” and “Tanashahi nahi chalegi”. .

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