Women feel ‘unsafe’ in LDF-ruled Kerala, alleges Mahajan


Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha national president Poonam Mahajan has alleged that Kerala’s LDF government has failed to provide adequate security to women in the state.

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Maintaining that the crime rate against women in the southern state is higher than the national average, she said it is the responsibility of the Kerala government to ensure that they feel safe.

“Women feel insecure under the LDF government. A responsible chief minister should take steps to ensure safety of women in his own state,” Mahajan said in a statement issued here yesterday.

Women have lost faith in the government and this is a reflection on the police system, she said.

Mahajan was in Kerala for past few days to hold statewide agitations against the Left Democratic Front (LDF) government.

The protest was organised by the youth wing of BJP.

Hitting out further at the Kerala government, the Lok Sabha member claimed, “The average crime rate against women in Kerala is 63 per lakh population, as against the national average of 56.3.”

In view of the rising cases of crime against women, the BJP has demanded that a Special Investigation Team (SIT) be set up to look into the law and order-related issues in Kerala, she said.

“It is the least that we can do to protect our women,” the BJP leader said.