Mohan Bhagwat says most gau rakshaks are good people

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Tuesday strongly backed “countless good people” working lawfully for cow protection and said they should not be compared with those creating trouble in its name, remarks that come against the backdrop of BJP facing flak over anti-Dalit violence by cow vigilantes.

“Countless good people are working for cow protection.

The Jain society is totally devoted to it. These good people are working within the ambit of law and Constitution…

Administration should see to it that those creating trouble should not be compared with cow protectors.

“There should be a distinction between the two. Trouble- makers try to separate this distinction and create a big nuisance,” he said.

He was speaking at the annual Dussehra event at the RSS headquarters.

Violence by some cow vigilantes targeting Dalits and Muslims had hit headlines weeks ago, prompting Prime Minister Narendra Modi to denounce them, saying 80 per cent of them are involved in anti-social activities and running shops in the name of cow protection.

Bhagwat said if some incidents happen, then the government should enforce laws against those involved in them.

Apparently referring to flogging of Dalits by cow vigilantes in Una in Gujarat and similar incidents of violence, he said such incidents are shameful and should never happen.

There are some flaws in our society and there is discrimination as well, he said, adding that it is exploited by certain elements for their benefits.

Defending cow protection, he cited the directive principles of the Constitution also speaks in its favour and many states have laws, which have been there for long, in support of cow protection.

There is also law against cruelty to animals, he said, adding that cow protectors have agitated peacefully for the enforcement of these laws. “They have tried to work within the law.”

On the occasion, Bhagwat also pledged that RSS will work to root our discrimination in society and cited a survey done in the parts of Madhya Pradesh to say that 30-40 per cent people suffer from discrimination in getting water or entry to temple.

“The Sangh has taken up the work of increasing social harmony. It will take time but we will rest only after rooting out this discrimination,” he said.


(With inputs from PTI)

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