Demonetisation: Cash worth Rs 73 lakh seized from two cars


Cash worth nearly Rs 73 lakh in defunct denominations of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 was seized from two cars in Nashik district, police said on Thursday. During a “nakabandi” on the Nashik-Aurangabad road in Nashik on Wednesday evening, the police found Rs 32,99,500 in one car proceeding from Nashik to Kopargaon, Niphad police station incharge Ranjit Dere said.

Another car going from Gujarat to Vaijapur in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad district was also intercepted in which Rs 40 lakh in cash was found, he said. The police later informed the Income Tax department officials and also called a bank manager to come along with a counting machine to ascertain the exact value of the cash. The names of the car owners and the purpose for carrying the large amount of cash were yet to be ascertained. Following the cash seizure, the cars were impounded by the police, Dere added.

(With inputs from PTI)

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