Vyapam: A female minister or minister’s wife referred to as ‘Mantraani’ emerges as key clue


A mystery woman referred to as ‘Mantraani’ has now emerged as the key protagonist to the deadly Vyapam scam in Madhya Pradesh that has generated a lot of debate in the country after at least 47 chilling deaths being linked to it.

NDTV has shared details of a First Information Report or FIR prepared by the state’s Special Task Force (STF) which makes a coded reference in Hindi to a ‘Mantraani’. Reference to the term has been found in data recovered from Pankaj Trivedi, a prime accused in the case.

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In excel sheets recovered by the STF from Trivedi’s computer, there exists a list of those having bought or sold seats in government medical colleges in the state. In one such column is an entry by the name of ‘Mantraani’.

In interrogations by the STF, Trivedi revealed that the ‘Mantraani’ was either a “female minister or a minister’s wife.”

Opposition leaders from Congress are now asking as to why the term ‘Mantraani’ was never talked about in public despite it being there in an FIR that also lists the name of state governor Ram Naresh Yadav along with many others. Congress is demanding an answer as to why ‘Mantraani’ was never investigated to its logical end.

Interestingly, Congress leader Digvijaya Singh had earlier even tried to draw in Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s wife into the controversy by saying she had links with the key accused in the scam, mining baron Sudhir Sharma. Chouhan, in turn, responded to Singh by saying it was, “ghatiya (cheap), low level politics of a non-serious person like Digvijaya Singh”.

But the question still remains, who is ‘Mantraani’? Will it lead to the unsolving of this chilling Vyapam mystery?



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