Yes SIMI men were unarmed but police can use force and kill: ATS chief

In a chilling confession, the Madhya Pradesh Anti Terrorism Squad chief has said that the eight SIMI activists were unarmed but there was nothing wrong in police using the maximum force to brutally kill them.

In an interview to NDTV, Sanjeev Shami said, “It is well settled in law when police can use force and take life. These men were dreaded criminals. If the police sees the possibility that such men can escape, they can use maximum force.”

Shami also added, “Even if the police are not being fired at, they can use such force.”

His comments will give credence to allegations that the cops under the Madhya Pradesh’s BJP government had orchestrated the cold-blooded killings of eight Muslim undertrials as part of a carefully orchestrated conspiracy.

Shami’s comments come in sharp contrast with other police officers, who had originally claimed that the SIMI men had fired at the cops forcing the police personnel to kill them.

A video had later surfaced showing the brutal face of MP police, whose ‘sharp shooters’ were seen killing unarmed men from point blank range.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and his police have earned global condemnation for carrying out extra-judicial killings of men, whose crime was yet to be established by any Indian court.

3 thoughts on “Yes SIMI men were unarmed but police can use force and kill: ATS chief”

  1. Criminal modi and his govts know that they won’t win an election. So they are going to create anarchy in the country and enforce emmergency.

  2. If that is the fate of unarmed citizens, then their oppressors should be thrown into a cage of hungry lions to mete out an equal portion of justice.

  3. First thing is that the journalist doesn’t know english..The statement by ATS cheif says they can use force..He didn’t say they used force or fired at unarmed simi terrorists.


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