LIVE: Visuals of Delhi Police’s brutality go viral, Youth Congress chief kicked by cop; Congress want criminal action against police

Visuals of Delhi Police personnel committing brutality against Congress workers have gone viral on social media, earning the cops working under Home Minister Amit Shah widespread condemnation. The Congress has demanded criminal action against the members of the Delhi Police, who indulged in illegal means against Congress leaders and supporters. A video of Youth Congress chief BV Srinivas being kicked by a cop has evoked angry reactions from netizens. Srinivas had risked his life during the pandemic to help those in need of oxygen and medicines.
Delhi Police

Congress Rajya Sabha MP Randeep Singh Surjewala said, “Delhi police today forcible entered the national HQ of INC in Delhi. They beat up workers & leaders. This is blatantly criminal trespassing. The goondaism of Modi govt has reached its zenith.”

The Delhi Police also forcibly entered the Congress headquarters on Akbar Road and misbehaved with journalists, who were filming the cops’ brutality.

This was after Congress workers and supporters staged peaceful protests against the questioning of their leader, Rahul Gandhi, by the Enforcement Directorate. Gandhi was questioned for the third day in a row in an alleged money laundering case.

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Surjewala: “We are protesting peacefully in a Gandhian way, but, this Goondaism is unacceptable. It will not be tolerated. It will be accounted for. Let all the police officers, who are acting as puppets of Modi government in order to please their masters, know that this will not be left, this will not go unpunished. We will remember, and the suitable action, both civil and criminal will be taken.

“We demand that an FIR be lodged against all police officers of Delhi police, who have committed a criminal trespass by forcibly entering headquarter of Indian National Congress.

“We also demand their suspension and initiation of a disciplinary enquiry against them.”

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