Woman wanted to live-stream suicide, stopped in time by cops


Barely a month after a youth live streamed his final moments on Facebook before jumping to death, a 32-year-old woman lawyer planned to commit suicide in a similar way but was stopped in time, police said today.

Photo: PTI

Priyanka Jethalal Maru went to the 18th floor of an under-construction building in Sewri area yesterday morning. She had planned to jump off the building and was seen shooting her video, police said.

After a resident of a nearby building called the control room, a police team reached the spot and persuaded her not to take the extreme step.

Inspector Shalini Sharma, who is trained in handling such situations, was instrumental in dissuading Maru.

After taking her in custody, police admitted her to a hospital in Parel. She is getting counselling, it said.

Last month, a 23-year-old college student ended his life by jumping from 19th floor window of a hotel in suburban Bandra after streaming his final moments live on Facebook.

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