Leader of Shani temple movement will soon contest elections on AAP ticket: Hindu Mahasabha


Right-wing Hindu Masabha has made a sensational allegation that the activists behind the Shani Shingnapur temple movement enjoyed the support of Aam Aadmi Party.

Speaking to ABP News, the controversial leader of Hindu Mahasabha, Ajay Gautam, described the movement politically motivated adding that the movement’s leader ‘will soon contest election on AAP ticket.’

He said, ” There are thousands of temples in India, where these women can go and worship. What’s the need to insist on worshiping in one particular temple. This is nothing but a ploy to defame Sanatan religion. It’s become a fashion now a days to portray our religion in poor light. Just wait for some time and you will know the hidden agenda behind these protests. Soon she (Trupti Desai of Ranragini Bhumata Brigade’) will be seen contesting elections on AAP ticket.”

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Desai has been spearheading the protests against the Shani temple’s administration’s decision to not allow women to worship there. She, along with many other protesters, was arrested by the local police on Tuesday.

Over 500 women from across Maharashtra, led by Brigade president 26-year-old Desai, set out in buses to defy a 400-year-old tradition banning women from worshiping the stone idol of Lord Shani, on account of “harmful vibrations” believed to be emanating from the deity.

Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis has given assurances to protesting women that they should be allowed to worship in the temple.

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