Ramdev’s new fan Lalu Yadav had once predicted Asaram-like fate for yoga guru


Yoga guru Ramdev on Wednesday met the RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, who appears to have become his fan.

Lalu said that people were jealous of Ramdev because he was highly successful.

However, Lalu showering praise on yoga guru came in sharp contrast to his stand on the controversial baba in the past.

The meeting assumed significance because Ramdev is a known BJP supporter and had even campaigned for PM Narendra Modi during the Lok Sabha elections. While Lalu has built his entire political career criticising communal politics.

Here are some of the comments Lalu made on Ramdev in the past.

17 January 2014

Lalu said that Ramdev will meet same fate as Asaram

“Ramdev is going on the path of Asaram and will meet the same fate. In the robes of a sadhu, he is playing Modi`s political guru these days. People should mark the difference between a real holyman and an imposter like Ramdev.”

29 January, 2015

Lalu poked fun at yoga guru Ramdev asking why he was quiet these days on the issue of black money of which he used to blow trumpet earlier.

“During the Lok Sabha elections, Baba Ramdev had promised the people about bringing back black money deposited in foreign banks within 100 days. The yoga guru used to even give reference of information obtained through RTI from a central government ministry in his speeches. But now, Baba Ramdev is keeping mum on the matter.”

7 October, 2015

Lalu reminds Ramdev of his own corruptions allegations.

“Ramdev himself faced allegations that he used animal bones in his medicines,” Lalu had snapped when asked to respond to the yoga teacher calling him a descendant of “Kans”, the fictional villain who was killed by Hindu god Krishna.

It was after Ramdev, while responding to Lalu’s beef comments in the wake of Dadri lynching, had said, “By saying that Hindus also eat beef, Lalu Yadav has insulted Yaduvansh (Krishna’s lineage). He says he is a Yadav but he cannot claim to be a Yaduvanshi. Such a person can be a descendant of Kans, not Krishna.”

Commenting on beef controversy, Lalu had said, “Don’t Hindus eat beef too? It is the poor who are forced to eat beef. People eat (beef) outside the country too. What difference does it make?”

14 April 2016

“Assets of all these ‘hi-fi’ saints should be probed. Capitalist and industrialist of the country. Earlier he used to praise Mulayam Singh Yadav but now he has gone to Narendra Modi and BJP.”

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