Kumar Vishwas lashes out at ‘minion’ Raghav Chadha for threats to TV channels, exposes editors for not asking Kejriwal about his allegations before Delhi polls


Former AAP leader Kumar Vishwas on Thursday lashed out at AAP MLA Raghav Chadha for warning TV channels to not broadcast his video. Vishwas also exposed TV editors for their decision to not ask Kejriwal about his allegations before the Delhi polls in exchange for crores of rupees worth advertisement revenue.

Taking a dig at Kejriwal and Chadha, Vishwas told news agency ANI, “This self-obsessed person’s minions are speaking. They (Chadha and his ilk) have come long after we formed the government with sweat and blood. Malaayi chaatne (to enjoy the benefits). Tell these minions to send their aaqa (master).”

A visibly angry Vishwas added, “If he (Kejriwal) has guts, then come armed with evidence. I will also come with my evidence. Let the country know what he used to say and send messages (on phone).”

Vishwas dared Kejriwal for a LIVE TV debate on his allegations against Delhi chief minister. According to the former AAP leader, he was witness to two TV editors not asking Kejriwal about his allegations during their interview for the fear of losing crores of advertisement revenue.

“I asked those editors, who interviewed Kejriwal before Delhi elections. I asked them why they did not ask about selling Rajya Sabha seats and farmers’ agitation. They said that they had the order from the top to not ask these questions,” he added.

Vishwas on Wednesday had said that Kejriwal had expressed his desire to become the first prime minister of an independent Punjab during the last assembly polls.

Speaking to ANI, Vishwas had said, “One day, he (Kejriwal) told me he would either become the chief minister (of Punjab) or the first prime minister of an independent nation (Khalistan).”

The AAP had reacted angrily to Vishwas’ allegations as Raghav Chadha warned TV channels to not broadcast the allegations against Kejriwal. Chadha had said that his party will take stringent legal action against TV channels for broadcasting Vishwas’ allegations.