Killing of 5 farmers no big issue: Madhya Pradesh BJP leader


BJP’s national secretary and senior functionary of the party’s Madhya Pradesh unit, Kailash Vijayvargiya on Saturday said that the killings of 5 farmers in police firing weren’t ‘big issue.’

Speaking to Times Now, the controversial leader said, “Farmers have praised the chief minister and the government’s intent and policies. It’s true that farmers at the lower level are finding it difficult to benefit from government schemes. They are upset over this.”

When asked why there was a widespread vandalism, Vijayvargiya said that it wasn’t a big deal given that Madhya Pradesh was a big state.

He said, “It’s appearing big to you. Madhya Pradesh is a very big state. If something happens in 3-4 districts, it’s not a BIG ISSUE. Do you know how many districts are there in Madhya Pradesh. Congress party is responsible for these deaths. This is the incident from one district. Would you then malign the entire state? ”

Vijayvargiya’s comments were in response to the Times Now reporter’s question as to how he saw the killings of five farmers followed by a large-scale vandalism and destruction in the state.

Ironically, his comments came on the day the state’s chief minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, sat on an indefinite fast for the restoration of peace. Singh also made a desperate plea to opposition parties to help him establish peace in the state.