Kerala’s own Burari stuns population as cops probe witchcraft angle in murder of four family members


In what’s being termed as Kerala’s own Burari moment, cops have begun probing the witchcraft angle in the case relating to the discovery of four dead bodies of same family in high range Idukki. Their bodies were found buried in a pit.

The bodies have been identied as 52-year-old Krishnan, his 50-year-old wife Susheela, their 21-year-old daughter Arsha and 19-year-old son Arjun. The dead bodies were discovered  as they lay stacked on top of each other and buried in a pit in the backyard of their house on Wednesday, reported PTI.

According to local cops, Krishnan had been practicing witchcraft for many years and had even allegedly collected money from local residents while promising to bring them good fortune by getting rid of their doshas- evil effects.

“The present developments are indicating the possibility of the revenge by somebody who was cheated by the promises made by Krishnan in the name of witchcraft,” Idukki district police chief, K B Venugopal told PTI.

“The investigation is going on. So we cannot run into any conclusion right now. We can confirm this only after a detailed probe,” he said. The cops said that the family may have been murdered any time after 29 July. Their dead bodies were discovered after neighbours went to see them and smelled strong stench coming from the house.

Krishnan was not an educated person and had only studied up to Class 5 but lived a luxurious life because of his ability to collect money from the local people. He promised to cure their disease and bring them good luck through practicing occult practices.

Many people had complained about being cheated by Krishnan in the past. The deceased family lived in secluded place in a rubber estate at Mundanmudi.

Last month, 11 members of the same family were found dead as neighbours found their dead bodies hanging from ceiling. 


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