Kerala girl, alleged to be a victim of ‘Love Jihad,’ says she wants to die as Muslim


In  a fresh twist in Kerala’s so-called Love Jihad controversy, the girl, who converted to Islam, has now reportedly said that she wanted to die as a Muslim.

In the video posted by activist Rahul Easwar, the girl, Akhila Hadiya, is seen expressing her frustration over being kept in solitary confinement adding that ‘Is keeping me like this enough? Is this all my life is going to be?’

Easwar had visited the family to speak to them, where he recorded the conversation of Hadiya and her mother, Ponamma. NDTV quoted him as saying that Hadiya wanted to die as a Muslim.

As for Easwar, he wrote on Twitter, “Explosive #LoveJihadTapes – Akhila Hadiya tried to convert her mother Ponamma saying you will not go to heaven & Hindu Gods are bad, useless. (sic)”

The Supreme Court on Wednesday had directed an NIA probe under the supervision of a retired apex court judge into issues raised by a Muslim man whose marriage was annulled by the Kerala High Court that described the case as an instance of ‘love jihad’.

The issue reached the apex court as Kerala-native Shafin Jahan challenged the annulment of his marriage by the Kerala High Court that ordered the state police to probe such cases. Jahan, who had married a Hindu woman in last December, had moved the apex court after the Kerala High Court annulled his marriage, saying that it was an insult to the independence of women in the country.

The woman, a Hindu, had converted to Islam and later married Jahan.

It was alleged that the woman was recruited by Islamic State’s mission in Syria and Jahan was only a stooge. Earlier, the apex court had sought a response of the NIA and the Kerala government on the plea of Jahan.