Kerala DGP says he had objected to Modi’s visit to Kollam


The Kerala Director General of Police has revealed that he had objected to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Kollam on the day the explosion at a temple there had killed over 100 people during a fireworks display.

DGP T P Senkumar told The Indian Express that since the entire police force was busy in rescue and relief work, the visits by two high profile leaders, Modi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, meant that they had to ensure their “safety and security” as well.

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“I did object to the idea of the Prime Minister visiting the region within 12 hours of the accident. I told them it would be better for the PM to visit the spot a day after the disaster. But the PM wanted to visit that day itself. Our entire force had been working from early morning, engaged in rescue and relief work. So much work was still left and all of them were tired because there was no provision of even drinking water. We had to make arrangements for the safety and security of Prime Minister Modi and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi too,” he was quoted by the paper.

Senkumar said that it was the SPG who contacted him to inform about Modi’s visit.

He said, “During usual visits, a standard protocol is followed and the intimation goes through the secretary concerned and the government. As this was an emergency situation, I understand that the PM spoke to the Chief Minister whose office informed me about the visit and said the SPG would call me.

“I was also there at the spot. It was a day when we were all totally held up in the massive rescue and relief work. So I explained the situation and suggested that he visit on Monday. Anyway, once the Prime Minister decides to visit, we have no choice other than make arrangements for his security.”


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