Kejriwal hugged Jung, BJP had no regrets on ‘small’ Vyapam, and Amit Shah’s tongue slipped while PM Modi was on foreign tour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned home after a six-nation tour earlier today. His foreign visits have always been a subject of joke particularly on social media with users often associating adjectives such as “NRI Prime Minister’ with him.

No sooner did the news of his return come, the social media users asked, “where’s he next, and more crucially when?”

While the PM was touring through history-rich but democratically-bankrupt Central Asian countries and Russia, a lot of significant developments took place in the country.

Here’s the list of all important events that took place in India while the PM was on tour:

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal hosted an iftar party in the capital and got so ‘mushy-mushy’ with Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung that it led Twitter users say, “sab mile huen hai jee (they are all hands-in-hands with each other).” As Modi left the country, the LG lost all inhibitions and went as far as hugging his boss’ ‘enemy number one’ in that iftar party.


BJP President Amit Shah made startling statements on how the ‘Achhe din’ promised by the Modi government before coming to power were a mere eye-wash.  ‘Achhe din’ are now supposed to come after 25 more years, according to Modi’s most trusted lieutenant Amit Shah.


While the opposition had little luck in making PM Modi break his silence on Vyapam until the left the country, his absence gave BJP licence to go commit series of gaffes. One BJP leader called Vyapam deaths ‘natural’ while the state BJP President said it his party had no regrets on Vyapam as it was a small incident given that only 2000 of 7 lakh admissions were found to be corrupt.


The protests for the ouster of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) chairman Gajendra Chauhan kept gaining momentum. Even the prime minister’s ardent fan, actor Anupam Kher criticised his government’s decision to appoint Chauhan as FTII chief.  This prompted the ‘Yudhishtir’ to ask, “Who are Anupam Kher and Rishi Kapoor?”


And lastly, in a fifth attack on witnesses in the Asaram Bapu rape case, someone was shot dead, which led many to question if the Asaram case was the new Vyapam mystery in town.


More visits

As Modi returns from his six-nation tour of Central Asia and Russia, he will be in India for only two months before leaving for the US at the end of September. Modi is scheduled to speak at the UN on September 25. This time the PM is expected to visit more areas in the west coast of US and a community outreach event to the like of the earlier one at Madison Square Garden could happen in the Indian-rich Silicon Valley. Planners of the event once again expect a roaring response.

Modi is supposed to visit Anatalya, Turkey on November 15-16 for the G-20 summit. Then, on November 21-22, he has on hands the East Asia Summit and Asean-India summit in Malaysia. With Modi making his intention of visiting as many countries as possible clear, it is expected that he would drop by another country in the vicinity.

Modi is also expected to be in the UK for a bilateral visit in November. Another mega community event is being planned at the famous Wembly Stadium here. And not to forget his planned trips to the Gulf countries, where 7 million Indians live and work, before his trip to Israel in 2016.

Moreover, Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam are all awaiting Modi to pay them a visit and the Prime Minister could oblige them all during his visit to Malaysia.

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