Hand over control of ACB to us and support our anti-corruption efforts: Arvind Kejriwal to Centre


Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, on Thursday renewed his demand for the control of Delhi’s Anti Corruption Brand be handed over to the elected government.

Kejriwal reiterated his deputy, Manish Sisodia’s comments on Wednesday that his government had zero tolerance for corruption after the arrest of a principal secretary by the CBI on graft charges.

He tweeted, “Del govt has developed an elaborate system of info gathering. No one indulging in corruption will be spared. Just becoz ACB is not wid us doesn’t mean Del govt is helpless. Del govt has many ways to nab corrupt. I wud also urge PM n Rajnath ji to now give up their control over ACB n support Del govt’s anti-corruption efforts. (sic)”

The principal secretary in question, SP Singh, was arrested by the CBI on Tuesday after a tip-off from the Chief Minister’s Office.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Sisodia had said that Singh’s arrest should sent message to those still not having understood the fact that the new Delhi government ‘will not tolerate corruption regardless of their position and stature.’

He said, ” When our chief minister Arvind Kejriwal says he will follow the corrupt people till hell, he means it. Whether that corruption is being committed by a minister or a junior staff, we will not spare them. SP Singh’s arrest proves that our government will not tolerate corruption.

“As for SP Singh ji, I too used to receive some hints about him, but there wasn’t any tangible evidence at my disposal. I had even conducted a surprise raid in his office. I had discovered how he employed one security guard wherein on paper he had stated the employment of two security personnel. ”

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