My ministers and I too will give up our cars: Arvind Kejriwal in audio message for Delhiites


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has released an audio message explaining the rationale behind introducing the odd-even formula for vehicles plying on Delhi roads starting from 1 January.

In his audio address, Kejriwal begins addressing Delhi residents using his trademark sentence, ‘Main Arvind Kejriwal Bol Raha Hoon.’

He goes on, “Pollution has really increased in Delhi. We are breathing in poisonous air. And the biggest reason for this poisonous air the speeding vehicles on our roads. If we want to clean the air, we will have to reduce the number of vehicles plying on the road. We don’t have any options.”

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has issued a recorded message to Delhiites why his government needed to resort to odd-even formula. He also explains that he too will follow the rule with all his cabinet members.

Posted by Janta Ka Reporter on Monday, 7 December 2015

Kejriwal then moves on to explain the options his government has come up with as one of the measures to considerably reduce the level of air pollution in the capital.

He says, “I have a suggestion. If we have only even number cars on our roads on one day and odd number vehicles on the other day, it will immediately halve the total number of vehicles plying on roads. Let’s not implement this formula to public and commercial vehicles.”

His  odd-even number formula has been criticised by his political opponents while many eminent personalities including the Chief Justice of India have endorsed the move. His critics also ridiculed him asking whether the rule will apply on him and if he too will give up his official cars three days a week.

He has made conscious attempts to put all those doubts to rest by answering in affirmative.

He says, “And this will apply to me and my ministers too. I know it will cause inconvenience to you, but we will have face some inconvenience if we are keen to reduce pollution.”

The Delhi chief minister has promised to stop the new arrangement if it caused inconvenience to the residents.`

“Let’s do one thing. Let’s just try for 15 days starting from 1 January. If you are inconvenienced by this arrangement, then I will stop it,” he reassures.

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