HD Kumaraswamy breaks down in public, says ‘not happy’ being Karnataka’s chief minister

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Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Sunday broke down in public at a function by his party to felicitate him on becoming the state’s CM.

Addressing his supporters, Kumaraswamy was uncontrollable as his speech was interrupted several times because of his constant crying.

He said, “You are standing with flowers on roads, near my house, to wish me… you all are happy as I became the chief minister, but I’m not… I’m not happy. I know the pain of the coalition government. I became vishakant (Lord Shiva who drank poison) and swallowing the pain of this coalition government. The question is why I wanted to be the CM of Karnataka is not because I wanted to flaunt my position but to fulfill my party’s commitment to people and my father’s vision.”

His deputy, Parameshwara, however, was quick to brush aside the speculation on differences between the two coalition partners. “How can he say that? He must be definitely happy, CM has to be always happy, if he’s happy we’ll all be happy,” he was quoted by ANI.

The Congress and the JDS had joined hands in May after the results for the assembly elections failed to give a decisive mandate in favour of any single party. The Congress despite winning 80 seats in the 224-seat assembly had offered the post of chief minister to Kumaraswamy’s party, the JDS, even though it had won only 38 seats.

The formation of this coalition was to prevent the ‘communal’ BJP from forming the government in this key south Indian state.



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