Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah ‘feels sorry’ for people of UP as 70 killed in rain and storm related incidents


Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has expressed his condolences to people of Uttar Pradesh as the number of those killed in Wednesday’s rain and storm that affected western Uttar Pradesh shot up to 70.

Siddaramaiah wrote, “At least 64 people have lost their lives due to a storm in Uttar Pradesh. My heartfelt condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. I am sorry your CM is needed here in Karnataka. I am sure he will return soon & attend to his work there.”

The Karnataka’s chief minister’s taunt was in reference to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who’s facing flak for his insensitivity towards those, who gave his party a historic manadate for better governance in 2017.

Unaffected by the large-scale deaths, Adityanath had left for Karnataka to campaign for his party, the BJP, for the upcoming elections. Adityanath is the BJP’s star campaigner, who his party is projecting as a Hindutva mascot. Adityanath was scheduled to address five public meetings in Sirsi, Sagar, Balehonnuru, Belur, and Honnali on Thursday.

Experts say that questions are bound to be raised on the BJP’s much-touted claims on good governance in light of yesterday’s tragedy striking a large population in Uttar Pradesh, which gave the saffron party a historic mandate only a year ago. Aditynatah’s preference for electoral politics at a time when he, as the state’s chief minister, should have been visiting the affected families to wipe their tears is bound to be deemed insensitive. This may also not augur well for the BJP’s bid to woo voters in Karnataka.

Social media users were quick to mock the UP CM for his perceived insensitivity towards his own people.

It’s not surprising why Adityanath has been asking the voters of Karnataka to elect a BJP government so that the saffron party can ‘celebrate Lord Hanuman and not Tipu Sultan.’ It was Adityanath’s focus on Hindutva and not governance that had prompted Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to remind the former how there was no comparison between Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh on the issue of development.

Mocking Adityanath’s claims on development under BJP government, Siddaramaiah had tweeted, “We welcome dignitaries from other states to come, and learn from CM @siddaramaiah’s Karnataka Model of Governance. We’re solving historical challenges in HDI with a robust welfare program, and India’s most effective Industrial policies.”

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