Justice Arun Mishra, who called PM Modi ‘versatile genius’ and ‘visionary leader’ as Supreme Court judge, now showers praises on Amit Shah as NHRC chief


Justice Arun Mishra, who famously called PM Modi ‘versatile genius’ and ‘visionary leader’ as a sitting Supreme Court judge, has showered praises on Home Minister Amit Shah in his capacity as the National Human Rights Commission chief.

Speaking at an event on Tuesday, Mishra said, “Because of Mr. Amit Shah, a new era has now begun in Jammu and Kashmir.”

Mishra, according to the Bar and Bench website, also expressed his displeasure at criticism over the human rights violations in India under the current regime. “India is one of the strongest democratic forces today and that credit goes to the citizens and leadership….It is now a norm to accuse India of human rights violation at the behest of international forces,” Mishra was quoted as saying.

Mishra also claimed that free religious freedom enjoyed by Indians was not available to people in many other countries.

Mishra went on to add that ‘citizens here have the freedom to construct temples, churches and mosques.’

The event, where Mishra spoke, was also attended by both Modi and Shah. Modi too took offence to criticism levelled against his government and his party for human rights violations.

Modi said, “Some people have defined the human rights violations according to their own choices… Some try to hurt the country’s image in the name of human rights by its selective use. The country must exercise caution from these people.”

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Arun Mishra had courted controversy when he publicly praised PM Modi even while serving as a Supreme Court judge in 2020. He had called Modi a ‘versatile genius’ and ‘visionary leader.’ The controversial former judge retired from the Supreme Court in September last year.

Immediately after his retirement as the Supreme Court judge, Mishra was appointed as the chairman of the National Human Rights Commission in India.