Judiciary is facing serious credibility crisis: Chief Justice of India


Chief Justice of India T S Thakur on Sunday said that the judiciary as an institution was facing a credibility crisis.

While addressing a function to inaugurate 150th anniversary of the Allahabad High Court, the CJI said that the crisis of credibility was a challenge from within adding that judges must be conscientious of their duties.

Justice Thakur said that Bar had “not been very very cooperative” in the disposal of cases even if judges are ready to put extra hours.

“At times judges feel that the delay in the disposal of cases is only because the Bar does not, at times, cooperate,” he said.

The CJI said if the Bar extended its cooperation he could consider asking judges to work even on Saturdays to finish old matters, especially related to people languishing in jail for years.

He said, “Difficult times have been seen by this court. Difficult challenges have also been seen by this court but judges have risen to the occasion. They have discharged their duties fearlessly…but we cannot sleep or rejoice over the laurels of the past only.

“We have great challenges in future and we need to get ready to meet those challenges. Judiciary as an institution, as we all know, is always under public gaze and has challenges not only from within but from outside also. Challenges from outside do not disturb us so much. We all face them well but we need to look after and what need to be aware of are challenges from within,” he was quoted by news agency PTI.

The Chief Justice of India said, “…and when I speak about challenges from within I am referring to the crisis of credibility that we face in the country today. Judges need to be conscientious of in their discharge of duties, punctuality, judicial retribute and effort to do the best is what is the need of the hour”.

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