When mesmerised ABVP supporters cheered, clapped at Anupam Kher’s confession on academic mediocrity


Controversial bollywood actor and staunch BJP supporter, Anupam Kher, visited JNU on Friday for the screening of his film Buddha in a traffic jam.

He invoked nationalism, talked about the significance of Bharat Mata Ki Jai- rhetoric frequently used by the members of the right-wing groups now a days to target their secular forces in the country.

But nothing he said during his visit to the one of India’s famous campuses that came as surprise. It was how his supporters, mostly the members of the ABVP, the student-wing of the RSS, celebrated his public admission on being academically poor.

Kher ‘proudly’ admitted that he was never good in studies and struggled in showing his prowess in sports. Mesmerised by what many would term it his confession of mediocrity, Kher fans reciprocated every utterance with loud cheers and clapping.

He said, “I was never good at studies (cheers and clapping). This explains why I could never make to JNU (cheers and clapping). I never scored more than 38% (more cheers and clapping by his supporters). I was not even good in sports. My PT teacher used to say that I would come second even when I ran alone.”

Kher, however, admitted that he had now realised the importance of the JNU and its academic excellence its known for.

“I’ve now realised that JNU is the most reputed and the biggest university in the country….How can people respect somebody, who is out on bail? He’s not Sachin Tendulkar, Hanumanthappa or even Saina Nehwal. But I’m not here to criticise anyone here,” he said.

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