Activist Swami Agnivesh thrashed by Hindutva goons in Jharkhand


Social activist Swami Agnivesh was taken to hospital with injuries on Tuesday after alleged workers belonging to the youth wing of the BJP physically assaulted him at Pakur in Jharkhand amidst chanting of Jai Shri Ram slogans.

“As soon as I came out of the venue, BJYM and ABVP activists attacked me without any provocation. They alleged that I was speaking against Hindus,” The 78-year-old activist told PTI.

He added, “I thought Jharkhand was a peaceful state, but my views have changed after this incident.” Agnivesh was accompanied by tribals who were holding bows and arrows when the mob attacked him.

A video of the attack with a large crowd thrashing the social activist and his supporters has gone viral on social media platforms particularly on Facebook, where social it is fervently being shared by countless users. In the video, Agnivesh can be seen in a state of shock after being thrashed by the members of the Hindutva gangs.

Meanwhile, Superintendent of Police, Shailendra Prasad Burnwal said that he did not have any prior information about Agnivesh’s programme in the district. Pakur Sub-Divisional Police Officer Ashok Kumar Singh said the guilty would not be spared

The saffron robed activist was pounced upon as he stepped out of his hotel to take part in the 195th Damin Mahotsav at Littpara, reported IANS. Pakur is located around 360 km from Ranchi. Such was the ferocity of the attack that Agnivesh fell down on the ground, but his attackers continued to launch assault him.

“They punched, kicked and dragged me on the ground. They also used cuss words,” Agnivesh told NDTV.

He later compared his attack with the rampant mob lynchings that have been reported from several states in the past one year. Agnivesh had also taken active part in the Indian Against Corruption movement led by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal in 2012.