Arun Jaitley loses cool in Lok Sabha, warns opposition ‘I will expose you’


Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday attempted to explain his stand in the Lok Sabha on the controversy surrounding allegations of rampant corruption in DDCA during his time as the cricket body’s president.

He began by highlighting the fact that how he had constructed a ‘wrold class’ stadium in just Rs 114 crore. He said that when he took over the reigns of DDCA, Delhi didn’t have stadium.

‘It was a maidan,’ he added.

His statement came hours after the Congress’ Ghulam Nabi Azad demanded his resignation particularly in light of the Sunday’s revelation made by the BJP MP, Kirti Azad.

GN Azad’s statement had caused huge furore in parliament leading the house to adjourn. While responding to Azad’s demand for resignation, Jaitley had offered to make a statement.

Here are the highlights of Jaitley’s statement:

  • I’ve taken remedies available to me against those who are not members of this house
  • When I took over, Delhi didn’t have any stadium, it had maidan
  • At that time BCCI used to give only Rs 4 crore towards infrastructure development
  • Advance sold the seats in corporate boxes
  • We managed to raise Rs 35 crore by selling signage of corporate ends
  • The stadium was built with an expense of just Rs 114 crore
  • When Congress was in power, it took Rs 900 crore to renovate one stadium
  • No SFIO report described this expense wrong
  • The allegations are wrong and baseless
  • Arun Jaitley loses cool over interruption. Tells opposition MPs ‘Sit Down, I will expose you.’
  • The facts will be extremely inconvenient.
  • Kirti Azad says those who spent Rs 900 crore faced consequences, ‘we all saw their fate’
  • If there was no irregularities, why did our government ask the CBI to probe DDCA between 2008 and 2013?: Kirti Azad
  • CBI asked for details for the period between 2008 and 2013: Kirti Azad
  • The period that CBI is investigating is the period, he (Jaitley) was the president of the DDCA: Kirti Azad
  • A time bound inquiry by CBI/SIT is the only way out: Kirti Azad
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