Shinzo Abe coins new acronym “JAI”, twitter promptly puts out acronyms for Veeru and more


On Thursday,Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe coined a new phrase ‘Jai Japan, Jai India’ while delivering a strong message towards a new relationship between India and Japan.

The Japanese PM is said to have used these acronyms, considering Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fondness for the same. In the past, Modi has used various platforms to coin the following;

GST (Growing Strong Together), FDI (First Develop India), IT + IT = IT (Information Technology + Indian Talent = India Tomorrow) and many more.

Abe after laying the foundation stone for India’s first bullet train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai said,

“If we combine ‘Ja’ from ‘Japan’ and ‘I’ from India, the word we get is ‘JAI’. If we work together, nothing is impossible. PM Modi and I will work towards realising Jai Japan, Jai India.”

Our twitter users were prompt enough to come up with their versions of witty acronyms;


Abe is on a two-day visit to Modi’s home state Gujarat.

The bullet train timing and costing has come under sever criticism for Prime Minister Modi, specially from their own ally Shiv Sena at a time when Indian Railways has witnessed various setbacks in the form of derailments and accidents in the recent past.
Umesh on Twitter
“@IndiaTodayFLASH @AbeShinzo ‘If we add VE from Venezuela E from Egypt and RU from Russia, we get VEERU’ – Modi.”


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