It’s important that BJP lose Bihar to ensure ‘hate politics won’t work in this country’


BJP’s newspaper advertisements aimed at blatantly dividing voters in Bihar along communal lines ahead of the crucial fifth phase of elections have widely been condemned.

Leading the fray is Delhi’s chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal, who asked if the latest ad wasn’t reflective of utter hate politics by the BJP.

Kejriwal posted a BJP ad (picture above) on his twitter page, where the saffron brigade is aiming to stoke communal divide by raising beef issue. He asked, “Have these ads in Bihar been given by BJP’s fringe elements? Or by BJP top brass?(sic).”

The Delhi CM appealed voters in Bihar to defeat BJP primarily to teach the party a lesson for its attempts to divide the society through hate politics.

He said, “I appeal to everyone to phone their friends and relatives in Bihar and ask them to vote to make Nitish ji the CM. It is important that BJP lose Bihar so that they know that hate politics will not work in this country. People want love n peace, not hate.”

In this newspaper ad, the BJP is reminding voters about the statements the RJD chief and Karnataka CM, Siddaramaiah had reportedly made on beef soon after Mohammad Akhlaq was lynched allegedly by mob of BJP supporters in Dadri in September.

BJP has also placed these ads in a clear violation of the Election Commission’s Model Code of Conduct, which bars politics parties to undertake any activities to influence the voters in the 48 hours before the end of polling.

Campaign for the last phase of Bihar elections ended on Tuesday evening.

Analysts say that, faced by the prospects of defeat in Bihar, the BJP has left no stone unturned to whip up communal tension in the state in order to polarise the voters.