Humanity in Kerala floods: Resuce worker goes down on all fours to help women climb boat, Pakistanis give up one day wage for victims


Kerala’s ravaging floods have affected millions and resulted in the deaths of over 300 people, but the natural calamity has brought out several instances of humanity in the open.

The latest instance of inspiration is that of a rescue worker going down on all fours so that women victims could use his back as a step to climb a boat. This has left social media in utter awe. In the viral video, a member of the rescue team is seen nearly submerged in water because of his decision to go down on all fours. Women victims are seen using his back as a step to climb the boat.

The video was posted by journalist Shreya Dhoundial, who wrote, “Putting his back into it. Quiet literally. Jaisal KP a fisherman in Vengara puts himself in water so women and children can use his back as a step into the boat. 600 fisherman helping out in #KeralaFloods the unsung heroes. #Salute.”

The same video was shared by many on social media. As expected, the unnamed man has become a new hero and is earning plenty of plaudits from social media users. One user wrote, “That’s our cultural diversity.Bravo to these men of honor.” Another wrote, “Heartmelting incident.. Humanity alive in India ..!!”

In another heartwarming development, a group of Pakistani workers in Dubai decided to donate a single day of their wage towards the relief fund for Kerala flood victims. The generous act by these people, who are already lowly paid even by UAE standards, has touched several hearts.

This followed a full page advertisement in a newspaper by the UAE government urging people to donate towards Kerala flood victims. The UAE on Saturday had announced that it was forming a committee to help the flood victims of Kerala while adding that the people from the state had been a part of the kingdom’s success story.