Passenger opens IndiGo’s emergency chute in Mumbai, one injured


A passenger onboard an IndiGo plane from here to Chandigarh opened the emergency chute of the aircraft “accidentally”, resulting in injury to a co-passenger, following which the airline lodged an FIR against the accused.

The incident occurred this morning when the flight was getting ready to depart for Chandigarh, IndiGo said in a statement.

Just after the boarding completed, a passenger seated on seat number 12C suddenly opened the emergency exit door and inflated the slide, it said.

IndiGo staff onboard immediately observed this and alerted the Captain-in-Command. A co-passenger seated on 12A received bruises, the statement said.

The captain immediately informed the ground staff and instructed the team to arrange for medical assistance and other necessary action, the airline said.

Simultaneously, the captain informed all 176 passengers via inflight announcement, and switched off the aircraft engine.

The passenger who opened the emergency exit doorwas handed over to the security staff and the CISF at the airport, it said.

“Any untoward behaviour which compromises the safety of our passengers, crew or the aircraft is of a serious concern to us. IndiGo has filed an FIR against this passenger. This matter is now with the authorities,” the airline said.

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