Indian ranked 44th in Global Connectivity Index of 50 countries


A survey by Chinese telecom giant Huawei has ranked India at 44th on Global Connectivity Index among the list of 50 countries.

Announcing its third GCI report in Shanghai in China, the Huawei mapped the improvements internationally in the field of internet connectivity.

The report divided the 50 countries in three categories, Starter, Adopter and Frontrunners.

Ranked 44th, India was placed in Starter category along with countries such as Bangladesh, Qatar, Pakistan, Algeria and Venezuela. India was ranked 44th even Huawei’s second Global Connectivity Index report announced last year.

The report said, “Smartphone uptake and mobile broadband subscriptions continue to grow in India, and mobile penetration is critical for wider Internet access. Following the 3G and broadband wireless access (BWA) auctions in 2010, 4G networks are in the first phase of deployment.”

As for the opportunity, the report said, “India can focus on speeding up its optical fiber Bharat Broadband Networks to bring high-speed Internet connectivity to rural areas. Strategies for increasing mobile broadband supply will increase demand in the nation.

“Both the public and private sectors need to invest in their networks to serve the growing subscriber base, and provide universal broadband access with digital literacy programs to close the rural-urban divide. The government plans to train an additional 10 million people in ICT from towns and villages to help digitize rural communities.”

United States topped the list, while the UK came at fifth on Global Connectivity Index. China was placed 23rd rank and deemed Adopter, according to the GCI report.



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