In Meerut, hospital workers seen removing, selling organs from dead bodies to tantriks


A sting operation done by a team of anti-corruption activists in Uttar Pradesh has revealed the shocking practice of hospital workers who assist doctors in post-mortems, removing organs from human bodies and selling them to tantriks.

While a liver went for Rs. 5000, a heart could go for as much as Rs. 20,000.

Chief Medical Officer of Meerut Ramesh Chandra said instructions have gone out “that no human body should be opened or closed for post mortem without the presence of police.” Police is probing the matter.

In a video that is yet not available to us, a worker at a post-mortem house is seen explaining rates to a prospective buyer. “Liver from a fresh body costs Rs 5,100 while that of a body that’s few days old can be purchased for Rs 2,000,” he says.

The organs are mostly bought by tantriks in order to aid their black magic practice.

“This is the first time we have heard something of this kind. It is not only unethical but illegal as well. There is a whole procedure and consents are taken when an organ is removed from a body. And most of the time, it is done for transplantation. The matter is still under investigation by civic authorities. We will act only once a case is filed in the matter,” said the city SP Om Prakash.