In-charge of Delhi school suspended for segregating Hindu and Muslim students in different sections


Authorities in north Delhi on Wednesday suspended the in-charge of a Delhi municipal school after media reports said that the school had made segregated seating arrangements for students according to their religious beliefs.

North Delhi Mayor Adesh Gupta said that that social divide on the basis of caste, community or religion would not be tolerated in schools, said an IANS report. Gupta said that the in-charge of the North DMC primary school in Wazirabad will also face severe financial penalty since he has been found guilty.

“We follow the spirit of the Constitution. If any such divide is found to be in practice, it would be rectified immediately and strict action would be taken against those found guilty,” he was quoted as saying.

The Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) directed the school to produce by October 25 the procedure followed in assigning sections to students.

The DCPCR recommended to the NDMC Education Director to “constitute a committee to investigate the matter further and furnish before the Commission the details and sequence of events that took place which led to the said situation”.

It also ordered that steps be taken to prevent a repeat of such a situation.

A report by Indian Express on Wednesday had reported how a section of a primary school in Wazirabad was segregating Hindu and Muslim students in different sections.

The paper had also published the section-wise break up of students as an evidence in support of its story.

* Class IA: 36 Hindus, IB: 36 Muslims
* IIA: 47 Hindus, IIB: 26 Muslims and 15 Hindus, IIC: 40 Muslims
* IIIA: 40 Hindus, IIIB: 23 Hindus and 11 Muslims, IIIC: 40 Muslims, IIID: 14 Hindus and 23 Muslims
* IVA: 40 Hindus, IVB: 19 Hindus and 13 Muslims, IVC: 35 Muslims, IVD: 11 Hindus and 24 Muslims
* VA: 45 Hindus, VB: 49 Hindus, VC: 39 Muslims and 2 Hindus, VD: 47 Muslims

C B Singh Sehrawat, the teacher put in-charge of the school on July 2 after the principal was transferred, had denied deliberately segregating the students on the basis of religion. “Reshuffling of sections is standard procedure which happens in all schools. This was a management decision to try and do the best we can to see that there is peace, discipline and a good learning environment in the school. Children fought sometimes.”

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