“If you have nothing to do with BJP”: Prashant Kishor hits out at Nitish Kumar


Former JDU leader Prashant Kishor has hit out at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar accusing him of having a secret deal with the BJP. In his latest attack against his former boss, Kishor asked why the JDU MP had not left the post of Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha after Nitish Kumar severed ties with the BJP.

Prashant Kishor

“#NitishKumar ji if you have nothing to do with BJP / NDA then ask your MP to quit the post of Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha,” Kishor dared.

In his concluding line, he told Kumar, “You can’t have both ways all the time.”

Earlier this month, Kumar had alleged that Kishor once asked him to merge his party with the BJP. “Let him speak whatever he wants, we’ve nothing to do with it. 4-5 years back he had asked me to merge with the Congress. He has gone to BJP and is acting accordingly,” Kumar had told reporters.

The Bihar chief minister had added, “What can I say about him? He used to stay with at my house. What more should I say about him?”

Kishor had managed Kumar’s poll campaign in 2015 before joining the JDU. However, he severed his ties with Kumar’s party.

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