I accept Nitishji’s invitation, will go to Bihar: Arvind Kejriwal


Bihar chief minister on Wednesday shared stage with the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. This came a day after Kejriwal, for the first time, threw his weight behind Nitish in his political battle against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of crucial Bihar elections.

The occasion was Bihar Samman Samaroh. Nitish showered praises on his friend Kejriwal and took a dig at Modi for ‘disrespecting’ people’s mandate.

He said he had told ‘Modiji’ that the mood of Delhi was the mood of the nation hinting the similar electoral outcome for the BJP in Bihar.

Arvind Kejriwal was even more scathing in his attack for Modi when he reminded how the latter had taken control of the ACB with the help of ‘paramilitary forces.’ He announced that he will be going to Bihar to campaign against the BJP.

Key points from Arvind Kejriwal’s speech:

  • Nitishji has invited me to Bihar, I accept his invitation. I will go whenever he calls me
  • I welcome Nitishji for not giving tickets to candidates with criminal background
  • Will Modiji give Bihar Rs 1.25 lakh crore only after BJP’s victory or even if they lose elections?
  • If Modiji has so much money, then I request him to first pay for OROP
  • Was sad that Modi ji was bidding for Bihar. People of Bihar are not so cheap that they will sell their votes for 1.25 lakh crore
  • If people from Bihar stopped working, then let alone Delhi, my secretariat will stop functioning


Key points from Nitish Kumar’s speech

  • Mandate of 67 out of 70 was unprecedented. I had told Modiji then, the Delhi’s mood was the mood of the nation
  • You voted for Arvind Kejriwal, did a good thing. This is the only correct path, please don’t leave this
  • Bihar has growth rate in double digits, school drop-out has come down from 12.5% to 1.5%. Yet Modi calls us Bimaru state
  • Give Delhi the status of full state and give Bihar the special status
  • Despite the mandate of 67 out of 70, Centre not allowing the state govt to function. want to decide even on chief sec appointment