Hyderabad University row: “Are you guys waiting for our dead bodies to extend solidarity”


Vaikhari Aryat

Undeclared emergency is prevailing in UoH now. No food, no water, no electricity and no internet. Sangh administration, police and ABVP nexus do whatever they can to suppress all kinds of resistance. Media play their role by hiding reality and police brutality on students and painting non-violent protesters as hooligans who tore apart VC’s lodge and poor sangh puppets!

While there are students who are privileged enough to afford food from outside, there is a good majority of students who depend entirely on mess food. It is not because of the quality of the food. It is because that is the only thing some of us can afford. When you shut down dining halls and canteens which provide food for students at a subsidised rate, you are punishing a good majority of us for the offense of being unprivileged! Who the hell are you running this Nazi camp for by murdering students day by day?

I see Sangh Parivar administration, Sangh police hooligans and ABVP students who betrays their own student community playing holi with our blood today!

Just got news that those students who were busy with community cooking at North campus shop com got arrested by police! Police says it is a public place and we can’t cook there! About 51 students are arrested and counting! Looks like whoever walks into shop com gets arrested now! University has also blocked SBH debit cards issued by university along with food, water, electricity and internet! They are turning us prisoners inside our very own campus! This is no more a university campus! This is a Nazi camp!

Is anyone out there listening? Or are you guys waiting for our dead bodies to extend solidarity?

Vaikhari Aryat is studying at Hyderabad University. Views expressed here are the author’s own and www.jantakareporter.com doesn’t subscribe them