Home Ministry to empower Delhi Police Commissioner to file appeals, might diminish role of state govt: Reports


The Home Ministry is pondering to empower the Delhi Police Commissioner to file appeals in court cases and appoint public prosecutors without taking the state government’s nod. If approved, the move is likely to spark off yet another controversy with the AAP led Delhi government and the Centre.

Some sources say that, the Delhi government’s role in taking decision on whether to file an appeal in a higher court in any case and on appointing public prosecutors will be completely diminished if this order is cleared.

According to current set-up, the Delhi government’s home department has to be consulted by Delhi Police before filing an appeal or appointing a public prosecutor. The home department examines the merits and demerits of a case to take a call whether to file an appeal or not, and then refers it to the Lieutenant Governor for further action.

The logic behind the move is that since the Delhi Police reports to the Home Ministry, it should be allowed to take a call in the two matters just like CBI and NIA, which propose the names of public prosecutors and the central government takes the final decision.

As per reports, the Lt. Governor might be made the final authority to issue the order on behalf of the Home Ministry.