“Have we lost our Vivek Shakti?”: Subramanian Swamy slams Modi government for decision to abstain during UN’s Myanmar resolution


BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has lashed out at his own government for India’s decision to abstain during the recent voting on the UN resolution on the military crackdown in Myanmar.

A visibly upset, Swamy asked if the current government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had lost its wisdom. “It shocking lack of democratic conscience by the Modi government that we abstained in the UN vote on condemnation of murder of democracy in Myanmar by pro China Burmese Army and on arrest of Aung San Suki. We abstained on Israel and now on Myanmar. Have we lost our Vivek Shakti?” he asked.

When a user asked if India should have ruined its diplomatic relationship with Myanmar by voting on the resolution, Swamy wrote, “Voting in the UN against a development in a country does not, judging by past examples, lead to breaking of diplomatic relations.”

The United Nations General Assembly on Friday adopted a resolution that condemned Myanmar’s military leaders and calling for a halt in arms sales to the country. 119 countries voted in favour of the resolution, while Belarus voted against it with 36 countries including India, China, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Laos, Nepal, Thailand and Russia choosing to abstain.

The Burmese military had siezed power in the country through a coup in February this year when they took the disgraced leader Aung San Suu Kyi into custody along with President Win Myint and other members of the National League of Democracy.The mititary has been accused of committing gross human right violations sicne coming to power in February this year.

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