NIA closes first case of saffron terror, files closure report in Modasa blast


National Investigation Agency has filed a closure report in Modasa blast, which had killed a 15-year-old boy Ziauddin Ghori and injured over a dozen people seven years ago. The blast in Modasa in Gujarat was carried out a day after Malegaon blast, both in the Muslims’ holy month of Ramadan.

Citing lack of evidence the NIA filed the closure report on April 22 but the NIA special court in Ahmedabad closed the case last month. The 16-page final report named no suspects but only said that “the complainant is the victim of the blast and is fortunate enough to have survived.”

The NIA spokesperson said that they could always reopen the case if they get more evidence in future.

This is the first closure of any of the Hindu terror cases where investigation by NIA had pointed to involvement of several extremists belonging to saffron outfits and even former RSS members.

This comes after the special public prosecutor in Malegaon blast case, Rohini Salian, had accused the (NIA) of forcing her to “go soft” on the case.

She had said, “A day before June 12, when the case came up again for regular hearing (in the trial court), the same officer who had come to my office came up to me and said there are instructions from higher-ups, someone else will appear instead of you. I said I was expecting this and, good, you have told me this, so please settle my bills.”

More recently, another case where saffron terror angle was being probed, a series of witnesses turned hostile. There are reports that nearly two dozens witnesses have now turned hostile in the case. One of them is Randhir Singh, an RSS loyalist, has now become a minister in Jharkhand’s BJP government.

Critics say that the cases where Hindu extremists are suspected to be behind the blasts are deliberately being weakened since the BJP government came to power in May 2014.