Muslim man beaten up by gau-rakshaks in Gujarat dies


A 29-year-old Muslim man, who a group of right-wing militants masquerading cow vigilantes had mercilessly thrashed four days ago died of his injuries in Ahmedabad on Friday.

According to an NDTV report, Mohammad Ayyub was allegedly attacked by on Tuesday while he and another man Sameer Sheikh were transporting a cow and a calf.

The local police said that Ayyub’s car had crashed into another on a highway at around 3 AM on Tuesday leading to the death of a calf.

Ayyub himself sustained injuries in the accident but he reportedly tried to flee from the spot when a group of Hindutva militants chased and beat him up.

His friend Sheikh was rescued by cops, who were on duty in the vicinity.

“Ayyub’s car met with an accident on SG Highway on the night of September 13. When some bystanders checked the car, they found a calf and a bullock. Due to the impact, the calf died while the bullock was rescued. To save himself from people’s wrath, Ayyub started running,” inspector P B Rana of Anandnagar police station in Ahmedabad was quoted by Indian Express.

Three so-called gau-rakshaks later filed a police complaint against Ayyub and Sheikh for what they said was illegally transporting the animals.

Ayyub’s family alleged these three men were among those who beat up Ayyub causing his death. But, the police said that there was no evidence to prove their allegations.

R R Bhagat, a senior cop said, “We had detained them as well but even Sameer could not identify them. Also so far we haven’t got any evidence to establish their presence at the spot.

“We have filed an attempt to murder case against unknown people,” he said. Efforts were being made to identify the people who had gathered at the spot based on security camera footage.”

Ayyub’s family said that Sheikh’s refusal to identify the criminals was because of fear of reprisal.

Ayyub’s uncle Rozar Khan was quoted by NDTV, “By filing the complaint, it’s clear that they were at the spot. Even if they were transporting the animals illegally, they have no right to take law into their own hands.”

The BJP-ruled state, which goes to polls next year, has been at the centre of cow politics after the Hindutva supporters publicly flogged four Dalits in Una.

The public beating for four Dalits caused unprecedented reaction from the community, which launched a statewide stir against the BJP. Their agitation was soon followed by the shocked resignation of Anandiben Patel as chief minister.

Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi was forced to break his silence and call most of the so-called gau-rakshaks as anti-socials.

However, under alleged pressure from the RSS, the PM had later made spectacular U-turn and said that only a small group of cow vigilantes were anti-socials.


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