Leopard attacks family in Gujarat, takes four-month-old child away


A family in Gujarat experienced the most frightening incident of their life on Saturday when they were attacked by a leopard as they returned home on a motorbike.

Vikram Rathwa, wife Sapna and their new-born child were returning home in Gujarat’s tribal-dominated Chhota Udaipur district, about 100 kilometres from Vadodara, when a leopard appeared out of nowhere and attacked them.

“Vikram Rathwa, wife Sapna and their four-month-old son were travelling on a motorcycle when the leopard attacked them yesterday near Raipur village in Pavi Jetpur tehsil in Chhotaudepur,” news agency PTI quoted an official.

“Around dusk yesterday, the leopard, which emerged from a nearby field, attacked us, injured Sapna on her knees and snatched our infant son Ayush,” Rathwa told PTI.

Rathwa said that his shout for help alerted the villagers, who gathered at the spot and successfully managed to scare the animal away, resulting in the release of the baby, who has suffered injuries to his back and legs.

The family was later taken to the government-run Shri Sayajirao General Hospital in Vadodara.

Photo: Times of India

In a similar incident in May this year, a leopard had attacked four people inside a residential area, just next to the airport in Mahdya Pradesh’s Indore city. The visuals (see above) of the animal attacking the residents in Indore had gone viral on social media. He was finally controlled using tranquilisers.